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Sarah Maccario

Sarah Maccario is a Southampton based contemporary artist. She is an active member of Southampton’s Keepers Artist Collective.  Sarah has had a studio space in Southampton for a number of years since graduating from Winchester School of Art. She paints, draws, makes sculptures and installations.

As a conceptual and visual artist, Sarah is developing her own new visual language based on the quotidian, memories and colour. She uses paint, found objects, papers and text to create colourful, semi abstract paintings and sculptures. Her work is open to interpretation, as the original inspiration can become hidden or transformed during the realisation of the work.

Sarah says “I am intrigued by the marks of time left by passing generations on a landscape or on objects and I use my own memories, current obsessions and impressions of a place or object to layer up images in my paintings, like an archaeological dig in reverse”.

Found objects and waste materials that contain their own history are incorporated into Sarah’s work, to make assemblages and sculptures. Words and glyphs may appear in an appropriation of contemporary language. Sarah uses a considered colour palette, sometimes inspired by fabric, photographs or other artists such as Kurt Schwitters, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Prunella Clough, Henri Matisse, Helen Frankenthaler or Phyllida Barlow, for example, to evoke atmosphere and sensory appeal.

Sarah has exhibited in a number of group and solo exhibitions including Female Abstraction at Sticks Gallery in Gosport. Her artworks were recently selected for the St Barbes Gallery Open, Mottisfont Gallery Open shows and she is currently participating in Make Your Mark at Southampton’s Showcase Gallery.

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