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Ronald Moody

Apart from Ron’s training many years ago as an engineering draughtsman, he has had no formal art tuition. He taught himself using books, videos and copying other artists’ work until he developed a unique style of his own. Early retirement enabled him to devote more time to his “hobby” which developed to the point whereby he was able to sell his work.

His art is not intended to be serious. He uses bright primary colours to create paintings in a quirky style. His subjects are varied but he mostly enjoys painting architecture, townscapes, harbour scenes and nautical subjects in general.

Although his favoured medium is watercolour, he also uses acrylic paint often applied thickly to create texture together with acrylic inks, collage and other mixed media.

Ron undertakes paintings that include personal references to the recipient. These are usually commissioned for birthdays, weddings or anniversaries. They are personalised by including boat names, numbers, dates, pubs and hotels etc.

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