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Lesley Dixon

Lesley uses clay and works at Bartley Heath Pottery in Hampshire.

A visit to the caves at Lascaux in her teens gave Lesley a lasting interest in prehistoric art. A compulsion to collect pebbles and stones developed into a wider interest in geological shapes and structures. Both of these things influence her current work.

Lesley makes ‘Flint figures’ which are pinched and burnished, and then fired in a pit. This gives each a unique finish. These sculptural pieces have reference to both small prehistoric clay figures and the nudes of Modigliani as well as extraordinarily shaped flints formed in chalk. She also makes boulder stacks and bird baths and shapes which derive from standing stones and geological formations.

Lesley work as a teacher required her to try many different techniques and materials which enable her to accept an occasional commission outside her regular practise. One such order has lead her to make a series of work in blue and white Delftware in contrast to her usual materials. She feels this will be a way of using pattern and expressing narrative and could be fun.

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