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Keith Pattison

Most of Keith’s working life has been spent as Director, of several small to medium sized companies, primarily responsible for finance and administration. He started painting in his forties and although self-taught, he never went to art college, he feels that denigrates the many wonderful tutors he has had and to whom he owes so much.

He was fortunate to be able to take early retirement so that he could devote his time to painting and, although the past 16 years have been very successful, feels there is still so much to learn and do.

More recently he has moved away from the overtly representational to a more expressive form.   No longer satisfied with simply trying to depict what he sees, what might be considered a snapshot, his concern has been to convey the experience, and how he felt, being at that place at that particular-time.   His new work aims to engage with the viewer; and perhaps encourage a dialogue which will endure and not become boring or sterile.

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