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Julien Masson

Julien is a French Artist based in the UK. He lived and studied Fine Art in France, the UK and Italy. Julien also has a master’s in computer animation. He has had exhibitions in the UK and internationally, on public and private commissions.

All of Julien’s works are, in some way related to technology and our relation with it. As an artist, he wishes to expand the notions of what is Art and participate in the very dynamic dialogue between digital technology, Science and the Arts.

Julien’s works are often formed of meshes or strands (paint, pla, clay or digital ) intricately intertwined together. They are ambiguous and chaotic but there is also harmonies within, created through repeating patterns. These patterns are inspired by fractal and CG generated images through 3d terrain scanning and tomography.

The work also arcs back to the random events and the unpredictability of things. Random patterns are layered and repeated. These layers create complex networks that echo the complexity of Nature.

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