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Julie Chappell

Julie’s recent sculptural work involves creating intricate fantasy worlds inspired by natural ecosystems, insect life and sea creatures. Her current work focuses on planned obsolescence: the absurd practice of designing products purposely to have a limited life span in order to maximise profits based on the false notion that infinite economic growth can be balanced by the finite resources of the Earth.

By utilising the waste products of the computer tech industries, creating beautiful sculptural Animal Artworks from circuit boards and computer components, Julie hopes to raise awareness of e-waste and pollution in our natural environments. There is so much positivity too! Not only do the intricate artworks highlight the questionable practices of high tech industries, there is also a reverence in the work to the beauty and magnificence of the natural world and there is a celebration of the remarkable technological advances and ingenuity of the human race.

Julie is a true believer that, one day, if used correctly, technology can do more good for the world than damage.

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