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John Timms Blanch

John and Elayna work separately and collaboratively under the moniker of Entwined in Yew,  in creating pieces primarily from wood and other natural materials; many of which are to be enjoyed simply as art, whilst others offer function as well as form for your interior space.

John has many years experience in fine woodwork, having trained as a luthier and musical instrument maker at London Guildhall University as part of many years of study as a professional classical musician.

Currently John’s work harnesses many of the component artisan skills of woodworking / woodturning in the creation of art pieces that enhance and transform the natural beauty of the raw materials he works with.

Elayna’s background and experience, although primarily within the field of psychotherapy and holistic therapies, has always included a strong bent towards creative and artistic expression. Her training has encompassed arts, dance, drama and voice therapies as well as creative approaches to therapy for children.

Her own artistic style draws from many of these arenas in encapsulating the natural energetic flow of shape, colour and texture often found in the natural world as well as the interior world of the imagination.

Their current ranges of work draw inspiration from many sources. These have included; Ancient and lost civilisations, (including a series concerning the virtues that some might say our civilisation has lost), explorations within the symbolism of Christian and Pagan worlds, through to the ethos and quality of the Arts and Crafts movement; where function and beauty go hand in hand.

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