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Elaine Reed

Elaine trained in Illustration and Graphic Design for 3 years at Southampton Faculty of Art & Design as it once was. Rather than do the sensible thing and complete her 4th year, she went and spent a year painting in Le Havre at L’Ecole des Beaux Arts. She finally produced some half decent work in the second half of her time there due to boredom brought on by lack of money and no TV. After thatElaine worked at several small print companies as a typesetter, paste-up artist, graphic designer and illustrator before becoming freelance doing the same work.  All this before CAD arrived on the scene.
A break then occurred due to starting a family after which she started painting again whilst living in southern Italy for two and a half years. Back in the UK she trained as an Adult Education tutor and has been been teaching art as well as doing her own painting ever since.
Elaine’s recent work has edged towards landscapes but her interest is in the scrubby bits; pathways, hedgerows and ditches. She’s been throwing a lot of other media into the Watercolour bases to try and describe the textures of her subjects. Having discovered the Daniel Smith range of watercolours in the last 5 years she has been experimenting  with some of the unique properties of these paints and the effects they make on paper.
Elaine gives classes, runs workshops, demonstrates to local art groups, occasionally teaches on painting holidays and paints to commission.
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