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Chris Briden

Chris picked up his first spray can in 1998 at age 14.

When traveling on trains in the mid-nineties as a teenage boy, Chris became infatuated when seeing graffiti on the trains, buildings and on station walls. He became inspired by what he saw and decided it was something he needed to pursue.

Chris’ journey with the spray can has evolved from a traditional graffiti style to an urban art style, now mainly focusing on photo realism and grey scale portraits. Chris enjoyed experiencing painting  on walls, canvas and more recently finding a new love for painting on aged sheet steel. Chris finds working with spray paint on different textured surfaces adds another dimension to his paintings. Aged sheet steel organically evolves the painting as the steel surrenders to the elements, therefore his artwork can be displayed both inside or outside.


Featured upfest artist.

Numerous large scale commission work.

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