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Carolyn Taylor

Carolyn Taylor is based in Chandler’s Ford. Carolyn’s painting subjects are the landscape, abstract, and semi-abstract. She says “I love the connection I have between a blank canvas and me, the journey each piece takes is unique and the creative process is all consuming and I love it.”

Carolyn’s landscape works are derived from her photo’s which are from holidays, walking or viewing the scenery as a passenger on a car journey, all can inspire her paintings. She says “I am interested in the atmosphere of a landscape, how it emerges through the fog or how certain weather can alter a sky’s colour so dramatically and how that enlightens me”. She works on several pieces at one time allowing the work to evolve naturally, playing with mark making and layering the paint. Her main interest is to scratch away at the surface, layer more paint and keep going until the essence of that landscape, to her, has been captured. Where the landscape is becomes irrelevant, the driving force is the emotive response.

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