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Caroline Hiron

Caroline Hiron was born in Swansea, South Wales, in 1963. She has never lived far from the sea and the natural environment has been a consistent source of inspiration. Caroline currently lives in Gosport in Hampshire.
A curiosity about the visual arts was ignited within her at school by a fantastically eccentric Art Teacher. Encouraged by this mentor she left school at 16 and went straight to Art College. The next seven years were a voyage of self-discovery which culminated in an M.A. in Printed Textiles from The Royal College of Art. A love of colour, pattern and texture was ingrained at this early stage. Art and Design have persistently played a part in her life so far, in one form or another.
For the last eleven years, Caroline has worked as a secondary school Art teacher, enjoying her own experience of inspiring young people to explore their artistry. However, she has recently made the decision to leave the profession to pursue her own individual, creative path.
Mixed media is a fitting description to characterise the artistic style of Caroline’s work, which constantly evolves through experimentation, exploration and accidental discovery. Her recent work explores the essentiality of trees and a variety of ways to enhance, disguise and celebrate them, Caroline is fascinated by the idea that there is arboreal communication that we can’t see or hear and her art tries to visualise this concept. She wishes to provoke the viewer into considering, more carefully, the role that the ‘sentinels of the earth’ play in our lives and to acquire an understanding of the information and history that they hold within them.
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